Set “floral” teaspoons of steel

Chinese manufacturers really know how to surprise. Who would have thought that in any time of year on the kitchen table can be a summer. Even of such common utensils as an ordinary tea spoon, can appear in a new light, when to give it an unusual shape.

Set "floral" teaspoons of steel

The structure of this set includes 5 spoons, the hallmark of which is that each of them has the shape of a flower. While they differ in personality, that is not repeated in the form of other, and represent a unique inflorescence.

Set "floral" teaspoons of steel

Длина таких ложек примерно одинакова и составляет 12,3 — 12,5 см. Для их изготовления использована нержавеющая сталь высокого качества.

Set "floral" teaspoons of steel

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