Modular system hraneniya

Stuff tend to accumulate faster than in the house there is new furniture to store them. To break the vicious circle not as simple, however with the help of modular storage systems is quite real. Unlike regular wooden furniture system is a modular frame, which is easy to get some new shelves and bar for hanging hangers. The mounting height of shelves can be adjusted within wide limits, adjusting it to fit your needs.

Modular system hraneniya

To install such a framework will require a wall width of 1.8 meters. To mount such a rack can be yourself, without spending too much time. In the kit there is everything you need: shelves 2 sizes, top and bottom rails, brackets, stands and extension cords. Dismantling designs are also possible in the shortest possible time. Storage system suitable for installation in corridors, hallways, and living rooms. For the manufacture of all components used in the metal which makes the design sturdy and durable.

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