The 11 most interesting vidzhetov (spinners)

Habit to turn any small object in his hands during an important telephone conversation or hard work helps to relieve stress, relax and strengthen concentration. Fidgety, that is, small devices that do not have other functions except to be amusing toy for restless hands is designed for these purposes. In this collection you can find 11 of the most amusing vidzhetov or spinners, perfectly develops fine motor skills and calming nerves.

Powerful massage for feet

- Powerful massage for feet

Not all fidgety designed exclusively for hands. Some people used during mental strain to make involuntary movements with their feet. For them is designed this thread with 6 massage balls which is attached between the legs of the chair. The advantage of this fidget is its versatility: it not only serves to calm the nerves, but also massages tired feet. However, it can be even in shoes.

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Rosary with Greek roots Begleri Beads

Rosary with Greek roots Begleri Beads

This powerful, representing the two balance weights related to one thick thread, is a close relative of the Greek rosary, which is very popular at home. This particular instance from well-known artisan companies of USA J. L. Lawson & Co made of brass cylinders with a diameter of 1.6 cm and is designed to freely rotate between the fingers, allowing thoughts to freely form in the head while his hands are busy with a monotonous motion.

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The Top ForeverSpin

The Top ForeverSpin

You can always look not only at the flame of a candle and the work of others, but on a rotating gyroscope. ForeverSpin hails from Canada, where they were machined on a lathe from a solid piece of titanium — lightweight and durable metal. Each instance of these gyroscopes is marked with individual serial number that guarantees its uniqueness and originality. ForeverSpin great point of concentration for the eyes, as to promote his flick of the fingers, you’ll get a few minutes-class rotation.

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Powerful the ring of steel

Powerful-the ring of steel.

– Powerful ring is the perfect accessory and toy at the same time. He will always be with you on your finger and is ready to start its rotation immediately upon demand, the troubled souls. Of course, many use the normal ring, but the design of this has an important improvement: this is actually two interconnected rings, one of which is slightly wider than the other. Because of this, the outer bezel slides over the metal inner, not the skin of the finger, which is much nicer. The ring is made of steel and painted black.

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Powerful table Vorso Flat Tops

Powerful table Vorso Flat Tops

This powerful unusual shape made in England. Structurally it is a combination of round base and plate with gently curved edges. Rotate it several ways. In the simplest case it is sufficient to place it on a flat surface and set the direction of motion of the fingers. Professional users vidzhetov can make the task easier, picking the appropriate long and pointy object, like a pen, placing it in the small hole in the center of a circular platform and try to spin all this complicated design in the air.

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Powerful icon radiation

Powerful icon radiation

Dangerous radiation! Such value has a symbol in the form which made this powerful. Of course, no real danger of him not coming because it is made from aluminum, brass and ceramics. However, precisely the form was very convenient for the abstract to rotate the blades of the 3-beam sign with your fingers. The diameter of the toy is 5.7 cm. Each copy is made manually.

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Aluminum powerful United Bow Tie

Aluminum powerful United Bow Tie

The combination of lightweight aluminum and reliable ceramic bearing is allowed to make this unusual-powerful United Bow Tie, which can be rotated endlessly. The toy is entirely painted in black color and has an embossed surface, very pleasant to the touch. If necessary, United Bow Tie can be disassembled to clean the inside from dirt with water and soap. However, when re-assembling don’t forget to dry the items. Fixture length is only 5.8 cm

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Complex powerful from Fidgetland

Complex powerful from Fidgetland

Steel rings, plates and small silicone rings were combined into this rather complicated ficate from Fidgetland. The toy has several degrees of freedom and use. On the one hand, its shape may change relatively large rings, and on the other, the fingers can be freely rotated all 8 small silicone rings. Powerful ideal for people who prefer solitary reflection and a variety of tactile sensations.

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Biologically safe powerful

Biologically safe-powerful

Although this powerful made in the form of a deterrent, biohazard sign, in fact it is completely harmless. On his body made by 3D printing are clearly visible steel balls of various diameters, designed to give him the best inertial properties. In addition, to facilitate the unwinding of a toy built quality ceramic bearing. Biologically safe powerful is manufactured in single quantities in the workshop the author — Rica römer.

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Powerful ring from a Bicycle chain

- Powerful ring from a Bicycle chain

For making this fidget used 6 parts of a conventional Bicycle chain, enclosed in a small circle, whose diameter is suited to put inside the index finger. Fixture rotation is performed with the thumb of the same hand. A pleasant tactile sensation in the process can escape from the hustle and bustle and reflect on the most important things.

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Powerful every day

Powerful every day

Powerful for everyday use — it can be described this toy for hands, which its manufacturers belong to the category of EDC, which literally means that it is perfect in order to be able to always carry in your pocket. The basis of fidget is the bearing, around which there are 2 wings with finger grooves. To promote this device, you will need 2 hands.

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